trey lance’s pro day next: what to expect

After former OSU QB Justin Fields put on a show for Kyle Shanahan and others, there is no doubt that Fields solidified his draft status as a top-5 pick. Speculation has been swirling about Fields being the next QB for the 49ers, but what about NDSU QB Trey Lance?

In his first pro day, Lance made some eye popping throws in front of a large crowd, consisting of members from many NFL organizations. One of those teams that was not in attendance however, were the 49ers. At the time Lance’s first pro day was held, the 49ers owned the #12 pick in the NFL draft, way before they made the huge trade to pick #3.

Needless to say, Lance has the talent and ceiling to transcend the QB position. One major benefit that could push the 49ers FO to pick Lance is his experience playing under a pro-style offense. Shanahan has historically coveted QBs that can call plays and read coverages while in shotgun, under center, etc. Now, that’s not to say that a QB like Justin Fields CANNOT do that, but, Lance has the added experience that adds to his overall value.

While Lance does not offer the accuracy that Fields has, this is not to say that Lance could improve in this category. Lance’s accuracy likely would not hit the meteoric rise that Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen had, however it can still be improved nonetheless.

In any event, Trey Lance’s second pro day will be held on April 19th. This time, Shanahan and Co. will be in attendance to watch the young phenom throw the football.

So, what can we expect? For Fields’ pro day, as well as Lance’s, Shanahan will be having the QBs throw some balls on concepts that Shanahan has devised. These concepts will be ran throughout the session, and should be a good indicator as to whether or not the 40ers will consider Lance with their pick.

Much like his first pro day, we will likely see a handful of short, intermediate, and deep balls thrown from Lance. These throws will include plays under center, in shot gun, and play action to either his left or right. More than likely, we will see the kitchen sink from Lance.

I don’t want to put too much stock into a pro day determining the outcome of a draft pick, ESPECIALLY for QBs, but I will say that Lance’s success vs. failure may heavily influence his chances to become a 49er.

With this in mind, what I want to see from Lance is simple: be accurate. Lance has all the tools to succeed in Shanahan’s offense, what he needs to display however, is consistent ball placement and an overall solid level of accuracy. There were a couple of over throws in Lance’s first pro day, and these mistakes cannot persist if he wants to be a 49er. Lance is an unfinished product; Raw in a sense. Under Shanahan, he can be groomed to be the exact QB Shanahan has always wanted. While Fields is considered the complete package, Shanahan may want an even younger QB to mold. Lance would be just the guy for that scenario.

When a team makes a trade like the 49ers did, that trade usually has the intention of targeting one or two specific players, depending on how the draft board falls. Could it be Lance, or could it be Fields? Time will only tell. Right now, with how Vegas betting odds are shaping out, as well as the backpedaling being performed by the media, my money is (sadly but happily) on Justin Fields. Anything could happen though, as the NFL draft is always full of surprises.

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