The Niners Stepped In Their Own Bear Trap

We knew that not having George Kittle & Jimmie Ward was going be a big disadvantage – that would likely make it a close game.

We didn’t know that Deebo Samuel would fumble in the red zone on their first drive of the game, which cost the team 3 to 7 points + big time momentum.

We didn’t know that Elijah Mitchell would sprain is MCL, putting him out for 6-8 weeks (meaning he will not back until the Rams matchup in week 8 at SoFi (Levi’s South), or the Chargers week 10 matchup at Levi’s

We didn’t know that every single one of Da Bears’ 3 TD scoring drives would be extended by penalties by the 49ers defense, when at least 2 of those 3 drives would’ve died otherwise & the 3rd might’ve ended up as FG attempt, instead of a TD.

We did know that the offensive line might struggle. They did, and at key times, in pass protection. No, I don’t care what PFF says.

We knew that the safeties / secondary communications could be an issue & both of Fields’ TDs throws came on blown coverages. Talanoa Hufanga did look amazing in the 1st half though. Tashaun Gipson dropped a would be INT.

Trey Lance could’ve been better, but he certainly wasn’t bad. At times, he looked brilliant. His performance was encouraging, he just needs to be more consistent.

We didn’t know that by the time the Niners needed to throw to comeback, the monsoon would have set in, making throwing nearly impossible.

Ultimately, The Niners self-destructed against an inferior team.

Da Bears might be better than a lot people thought, but they still probably aren’t a very good team.

There’s no reason call for Lance’s job, or Kyle’s job either. Trey just needs to play & improve.

You could say that Fields won the duel, but it was more that the defense lost it.

This comparison will go on for many years, as it’s likely to be a marathon, rather than a sprint.

I have no doubts that the Niners will make things right against bitter division rivals the Seattle Seahawks, at Levi’s this Sunday.

Especially, if Kittle can play.

Preview coming soon!

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