The 49ers select Trey Lance with the third overall pick

Here’s the selection in real time:

Who is Trey Lance?

The youngest quarterback in the 2021 draft at 20 years old. He led North Dakota State University to a championship at the age of 19 and won. Despite the tape from the 2020 season being next to nonexistent, he has proven that he can play smart. Calling his blocking at the line of scrimmage making audibles like a pro he just stood out. While also possessing the ability to keep plays alive with his legs on multiple occasions Lance extends plays when needed he’s a big-time player and will take our offense to the next level. These were all things that stood out when watching his film. He will be a threat to teams along with a monster in Shanahan’s offense. Now you might be asking what does he bring to the team? Another dimension to Kyle Shanahan’s play-calling, possible zone reads with a real deep ball threat. Lance has shown he’s not afraid to let it loose and throw it deep at NDSU. It’s truly exciting to have this type of playmaker at the helms of our young offense and watch our team flourish with all this talent that surrounds one another. 

The press conference

Takeaways from the Press Conference

This is the type of excitement I love to see from the front office after a pick, complete and utter faith in the face of our franchise. I think that the best part of the presser was when Kyle mentions Trey’s intellect and the possibility of him being a CEO. Kyle also touches on the status of Jimmy in regard to him being on the team this Sunday, which was very reassuring to know that he is a part of the plans for the year that could eventually turn into a QB battle. It will definitely interesting to see that situation play out along with the development of Trey Lance.

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