pro days (Mac Jones & Justin Fields)

Mac Jones (Left) & Justin Fields (Right) at individual pro days

Mac Jones

What he did well: Short intermediate passes, you saw Jones hit those curl routes with little to no effort. I think something I really enjoyed watching Jones do was make a couple of throws off-platform. I believe it was a total of three times but Jones just flicked it with such ease. His footwork was spectacular, you could see him climbing the ladder well along with maintaining a fluid throwing motion. Something that really surprised me was his quick release it reminded me a lot of Jimmy Garoppolo’s throwing motion. Finally, the last thing I think Jones did really well was putting it outside the numbers making those out-routes look easy.

Room for improvement: The few overthrown deep balls did not help Jones at all during his pro day, even though he made a few later on it just feels like there has to be some consistency with those throws. His upper body seemed to get a little too loose on some of his throws, but other than these two things I think he had a pretty good showcase.

Justin Fields

What he did well: What did he not do well, besides running a 4.44u, roll out square his frame and throw a deep ball. His deep ball just looked so routine like he did that on the regular. His footwork in the pocket and getting away from the pressure was just so natural. My favorite clip was around the 9:50-10:00 minute mark where you don’t see a ton of movement in his throwing motion it just looked so superb. He was throwing absolute lasers you can tell the base mechanics are there along with a really high upside. Finally, the last thing I think Fields did really well on was his throws around the sideline where he anticipated the break in the routes to give his receivers enough room to still get upfield.

Room for improvement: Some of the throws were a little high and out of reach for his receivers. I think the reason for those high throws was just the sheer power behind them, but I think with better anticipation it can be fixed. Overall I was blown away by Fields’ pro day he has a really quick release with an absolute cannon for an arm.

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