Pre Draft Press Conference takeaways

John Lynch & Kyle Shanahan at a press conference.

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch met with the media today (4/16/21) at 12:30 PST to discuss the status of the team with the number three pick in the upcoming draft. There were three major takeaways from the conference. 

5 Possibilities for a starting quarterback at pick number three

A word worth noting that Kyle used regularly was the word “starting” which insinuated that the rookie could very well be the starter week one. When pressed whether that pick would be Mac Jones or not the duo pivoted showing that there are five total possibilities for the 49ers to draft at pick number three. A quote that stuck out to me was when Kyle mentioned a mix between two quarterbacks Brees and Jackson. Sounds to me the like decision is between another pair of quarterbacks, but in the end, everything is just speculation. I say this because Shanahan and Lynch have chosen not to show their hand.

No guarantee for Jimmy as far as this Sunday

Kyle started off by saying “I can’t guarantee that anyone will be alive in the world Sunday, so I can’t guarantee that who will be on our roster Sunday. That goes for all of us.” The takeaway, Jimmy can be traded by Sunday. Is that a guarantee? I can’t say for certain, because anything is possible.

McGlinchey’s fifth year option will be picked up

Lynch has been in talks with McGlinchey’s agent letting his team know that his fifth-year option will be picked up, paying the Right Tackle 10 million in 2022. With all the focus on the upcoming draft, we look forward to Mike bouncing back with a strong season. 

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