O-Line to look at for 2022 Draft

Offensive Guards are definitely a need, the team cannot continue into the new season with Brunskill at Right Guard and the uncertainty behind Laken Tomlinson with his ongoing contract disputes. Not to mention the devastating injury Mike McGlinchey sustained this past season the 49ers might need to look into adding depth/developmental starting roles for all of the offensive line. 

In the wild case that Mack decides to retire, there is a late-round flier in James Empey who was the Center at BYU that could help ease that glaring void left by him. If he does decide to retire, I wouldn’t be surprised if the FO doubles up on the offensive line or invest through Free Agency. 

OG Marquis Hayes, Oklahoma:

Why not add a young Oklahoma prospect next to Trent Williams and let them dominate Lance’s blindside. Hayes is a gigantic man, standing at 6’4 and 318 lbs, he’s been a bona fide bully for Oklahoma when he took over the starting role in 2019. Great extension and fluid hips make Hayes a great prospect for a team that likes to pull guards for the run game. 

OG Thayer Munford, Ohio State:

A versatile offensive line weapon with the ability to line up at both tackle positions and Left Guard he could definitely help ease the void IF Tomlinson decides to leave in free agency. Munford would allow the team to keep Banks at his natural position of Right Guard and would be a versatile monster, and we all know how the team loves to lock up versatile players and develop them.

OT Cordell Volson, NDSU:

When watching Volson you see him consistently driving defenders back. Something I noticed a ton was his natural awareness of defenders and the ability to recover ground and make those crucial blocks when he needs to. He’s got decent speed and can make it upfield if needed for the run game. Six foot seven inches and 315 pounds Volson has the ability to be agile and keep up with quick defenders while also being an anchor in the run game and being a nice depth piece if McGlinchey’s injury runs into the season.

IOL Cade Mays, Tennessee:

I think he has a lot of good traits, heavy and a monster when he plays to his strengths. I think my biggest concern is he’s a little slow getting off the line resulting in him getting beat or pushed back too often. At 6’5 and 325 pounds he’s definitely tough to push around, but as a late-round pick (6/7 round) and a nice developmental piece for the 49ers O line he would definitely be a great grab.

Center James Empey, BYU:

Injuries plagued Empey these past two seasons and have hurt his draft stock a ton. Empey has natural quickness and decent technique to keep defenders at bay while being a beast in the run game due to his lateral agility. Personally, I think he’d fit really well in the 49ers run game not so much in the passing game, but he definitely shows promise and capability to become a starting center at the next level. I couldn’t find short clips like the others but here’s one of the videos I got my take on Empey.

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