Mayhew Out, Draft Pick In!

Today, it was announced that former 49ers VP of Player Personnel Martin Mayhew is going to become the new GM for the Washington Football team.

Because of this, the 49ers will be receiving a 3rd round pick in the 2023 NFL draft. Although the rule is murky, it is to my understanding that if a team loses more than one high ranking minority official that was either a main field coordinator, or personnel man, that team shall receive three 3rd round picks. Because the 49ers already lost Robert Saleh, they were going to garner two 3rd round picks. Losing Mayhew as stated, results in another pick for the team.

I cannot stress how important this event is. Even if it is just a compensatory pick, the 49ers are going to have even more ammo in the next three NFL draft classes that could either be used to trade for a player (i.e. Deshaun Watson) or be used to further their effort to build the team.

Throughout history, we have seen teams countlessly move draft picks all over the place. John Lynch and the front office, who have not been afraid to move up and down the draft, have the chance to use another pick to boost their ability to move freely on draft day.

It is unfortunate to lose two high-end staff members, but the result of the new and infamous rule will give the 49ers a big advantage when team building down the road.

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