Justin Fields’ Epilepsy Conundrum

So it has come out recently that Justin fields has stated that he has been dealing with epilepsy. So the question coming to everybody’s mind is, would you draft a quarterback who has this illness?

Let me first start off by saying as a father with a child who has epilepsy, it can certainly be a scary sight. Witnessing firsthand your child go through a seizure will put you in a place where you feel hopeless. On the other hand, my child has been seizure-free for years due to medication. She is actually in the process of getting off her medications and outgrowing the seizures.


So this brings us to Justin Fields and his status in the NFL Draft. A lot of the teams have done the research and homework on Justin Fields and have known about his epilepsy. The 49ers are one of these teams. His family has a history of epilepsy as well but they have all outgrown it. The same can be said for Fields. He has been taking medication and is on the verge of outgrowing his seizures as well.

Prior to the story breaking, I had not known that he had this illness. I never saw it affect him on the field or in his game. This is something people can overcome over time with age. This should not deter any NFL team from wanting to draft him. The 49ers are in prime position to draft Justin Fields and I would do so in a heartbeat. This illness should not define him — or anyone for that matter and he should not be punished and slip in the draft because of this. What are your thoughts on this situation? Would you hold this against him or possibly not take him and potentially lose a generational talent? We will see in less than a week.

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