Breaking Down Each Snap Jimmy Garoppolo & Trey Lance Took Against the Chiefs

It’s all smiles in the pregame workouts.  We finally see Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance loosening up, TV broadcasters Greg Papa and Tim Ryan say that Jimmy is the entrenched starter, but that Trey dazzles each and everyday in practice.  The worst kept secret in the NFL is that Trey is gaining on Jimmy, and nobody should be surprised if Trey is the opening day QB.  To be 100% clear, this author is not a fan of Jimmy, and hopes to see some playmaking ability out of Trey so that this fanbase has something to look forward to.


On the other sideline, superstar Patrick Mahomes shows us a smirk prior to the kick-off of the first preseason game for the Kansas City Chiefs.

We won’t have to wait to see Jimmy in action, as the 49ers receive the opening kick-off.

Jimmy Garoppolo Drive 1:

  • Jimmy G. starts his day at the SF20, after Richie James brings the kick off out of the end zone.
  • First snap, motion left by Deebo Samuel, Jimmy fakes a hand off, boot legs left and hits Deebo in stride on a short route, Deebo does his thing and takes if for 13 yds.
  • Second snap – the other Trey (Sermon) dives for one yard.
  • Third snap, Brandon Aiyuk takes a jet sweep to the left for 8 yards, close to a first down.
  • Sermon converts on the third and short for 4 yards after a quick snap.
  • Next play, Wayne Gallman debuts with the 49ers taking a stretch run to the right for a couple of yards
  • Ball at the 50, one of Jimmy’s specialties is to throw high on short routes, which he promptly does to camp body FB Josh Hokit, who only manages two yards.
  • 3rd and 4, Aiyuk gets a first down on a crossing route. It was a good, quick release by Jimmy (give him props when he deserves it), but a holding call by TE Charlie Woerner takes the play back. It’s now 3rd and 14
  • Jimmy does his other specialty, and checks it down on 3rd and long to Trey Sermon, and just like that, the Niners are punting.  That should be it for Jimmy tonight.

Tony Avelar/Associated Press

Trey Lance Drive 1:

  • Trey’s first snap is a play-action, and his first read is covered so the play breaks down, Trey moves around in the pocket to gain some time and finally hits Aiyuk in stride for what would have been a first down—unfortunately, Aiyuk has a rare drop.
  • Second snap. Sermon gets two yards, and puts the offense in a complicated position, 3rd and 8 inside the SF10.
  • Daniel Brunskill gets bum-rushed by Chris Jones, and before Trey can look up, he gets sacked for a seven-yard loss.  Niners are punting again.

AP Photo/Jed Jacobsohn

Trey Lance Drive 2:

  • The defense’s second drive was lackluster to say the least—allowing a TD after committing penalties on a short field.
  • Trey faces the second team defense, but still, throwa a perfectly placed ball to WR Trent Sheffield, who had beaten the coverage, and takes it home for 80 yards!

AP Photo/Jed Jacobsohn

Trey Lance Drive 3:

  • Trey has a short field after rookie CB Deommodore Lenoir picks Henne.  First play is a stretch to the right by Sermon for five yards.
  • Second play is a dive, Sermon carries KC defenders for a couple of yards and gets close to the first down.
  • Sermon takes the next carry for a first down, and then FUMBLES (big no no for Shanny), luckily Colton McKivitz recovers it for the Niners. That’s the end of the first quarter.
  • 1st and 10 at the KC29, Trey sends a quick screen to WR Jauan Jennings who takes it 10 yards for a first down.
  • Gallman gets three yards on a cutback run inside. 2nd and 7.
  • Trey doesn’t find anyone open, and gets sacked again by an unblocked defender.  3rd and 13.
  • Trey was about to get sacked again, and quickly checks it down for a couple of yards.  The second-string OL is struggling, this may be all for Trey tonight.

AP Photo/Tony Avelar

Trey Lance Drive 4:

  • True to his word, Shanahan sends Trey out for a fourth drive.  This one starts with some adversity, as the ball is at SF’s one-yard line to start.
  • First play, Trey shows off his arm and hits Woerner in stride for 25 yards.
  • Gallman takes a stretch to the right for two yards.
  • 2nd and 8, Trey fakes a hand off, and gets pressured, tries to buy some time, and throws to the sideline, but the ball is dropped by Cracraft.
  • Trey comes back with a 7-yard completion to Cracraft, who holds on this time, but the Niners are short and are punting again.


Trey Lance Drive 5:

  • Trey comes out again, first play is a dive by Sermon for one yard.
  • Second play is a repeat of the previous play, and now the Niners face a 3rd and 8.
  • Trey zips it perfectly on a tight rope to the sideline, and for the third time tonight, his receivers let him down with a drop, this time Richie James.  That should definitely be all we see of Trey tonight.

Trey Lance Drive 6:

  • Trey comes out again for a two-minute drill.
  • Trey overthrows James on a inside route, and the pass is incomplete.
  • Second play, Jennings receives another screen pass and takes it to the 24 for a first down.
  • 1st and 10, bad throw from Trey, should off had been picked, the intended target was Woerner.
  • 2nd and 10, Trey looks for Woerner again, and overthrows him for an incomplete pass.
  • Trey holds the ball for a little to long and gets sacked for a third time tonight.  Can’t really blame him, he is seeing ghosts with that patchwork O line.

Trey Lance Drive 7:

  • KC tried a 62-yard FG with 0:40 left, which unsurprisingly missed. Now Trey has one last shot prior to halftime.
  • First play, and Trey looks nervous, he drops the ball (uncontested), and promptly jumps on the ball for a sack, losing 8 yards.
  • 2nd and 18, Trey hits Sermon for a 3 yard gain, before getting hit again.  He is constantly under pressure with that O-line, I am legitimately concerned for his health in the first preseason game.
  • 3rd and 15, Trey almost gets intercepted again on an inside pass (short of the first down), but the defender drops the ball.
  • That’s the end of the halftime, Kyle said that we may see Trey for one more drive.

Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group

Trey Lance Drive 8:

  • Trey does come out for the first drive of the second half, and SF is pinned inside its 10, after another bad return.
  • After moving around the pocket to avoid constant pressure, Trey’s pass is incomplete to Travis Benjamin near the sideline.
  • 2nd down play is a toss to the left to Sermon, which gains five yards.
  • 3rd down throw is incomplete to Benjamin on a slant, which was well defended, for the 3rd time tonight, I think Trey should be done, but I am past the point of being surprised if he returns.

AP Photo/Jed Jacobsohn

Final Thoughts:

Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t show much with only an eight-play drive for the night. I saw more lackluster decision making, and more promising drives stall due to penalties.  He took most of the first-team skill players with him when his night was done.

Trey Lance showed ups and downs, he was 4/6 for 125 yards at one point, but then he showed his lack of experience, going 1 for 8 after that, and almost getting picked twice.  His supporting cast simply did not help.  The one drive he played with first-stringers was cut short with Aiyuk’s drop. His subsequent drives had ups and downs, with the beautiful 80-yard dime to Sheffield for a TD showing off his potential. It was hard to get in a rhythm with the constant pressure allowed by the OL.  He should get more time with first team in the second preseason game.  From what we saw Saturday night, it seems premature to think that he will start week 1.


Ambry Thomas, the 3rd-round CB struggled, holding and getting beat throughout the night. He needs to improve to be able to be counted on during the season, with the secondary being one of the weaker position groups in the team.

Jauan Jennings looked good, he may have a shot at the third receiver job.

Wayne Gallman was hyped by Papa and Ryan each time he touched the ball, but he seemed like just another back for Kyle Shanahan

Lastly, this is an meaningless exhibition game, we should not take too much from it. At the same time. it is useful to be able to get a feel of where each player is at.

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