Battle of the Bay? not really

QB Competition?

Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo split snaps in the first half roughly rotating every 4 or 5 snaps. Both looked great in their own way. Jimmy looked to be ready for the start of week 1, throwing into tight windows and extending plays with his legs. Jimmy ended with 4/7 for 64 yards and one rushing TD for the day. 

Lance ended with 6/13 for 46 yards and one rushing TD for the day. It seems we caught a glimpse of Shanahan’s playbook opening up with a couple of read-options from Lance and Mostert in the first quarter along with a play-action sweep that ended with Lance running it in for a TD. Lance officially took to the helms mid 2nd quarter and the 2nd string offensive line was in full effect allowing a sack right off the bat. Lance looked calm and collected making plays by rolling out or staying in the pocket with pressure in his face. One thing I will note was the sheer velocity the ball had when it took off from Lance’s hand is just crazy. I think that’s a big part of why our WR’s are having such a hard time holding onto it and his stat line would’ve looked a lot differently had our WR held onto his throws

Lance’s one-minute drill breakdown, to end the first half. Lance draws a penalty on a pass intended for Benjamin netting the 49ers positive yardage. Trey uses his legs to get the 49ers in field goal range. Holding on Raiders defense leads to a red-zone opportunity, ultimately ending with a field goal to end the half. A drive that ends with points is always impressive to see and even more so when done within 2 minutes. Lance looks to be shinning and making sure to give the team the best looks when behind center.

Offense of the last half

Nate Sudfield didn’t throw a ton in the second half. Hasty and Galman ran the show, literally. Combining for 100+ yards between the two of them. Hasty seems to be picking up where he left off last year before his broken clavicle put him on the IR ending his season. Both Galman and Hasty are hard runners I think the most defining factor between the two of them is Hasty is just a bit more shifty and that gives him the edge going up against defensive linemen. He’s not faster but he can make guys miss or run through them *insert Marshawn Lynch clip over and over and over and over*


Pass rush is something that seems to be the focal point they’re doing a great job getting off blocks stuffing lanes and making tackles. The secondary is still a need for the stellar defense. A star that seems to remain bright is Talanoa Hufunga. Through two quarters the defense made the raiders go three and out 3 times. Ambry Thomas whiffed on a lot of coverage continuing his poor preseason. Deommodore Lenoir got beat on a couple of plays but made sure to give up little yards after the catch. Clinton-Dix took off with a pick and return, making a strong case after getting beat and giving up big yardage earlier in the game. Elijah Sulivan can definitely run sideline to sideline with ease, he’s also been making a strong case to make the final roster off this game alone it seemed like he seemed to be there on every play. Overall the defense continues to look deep in regards to the depth chart and the secondary look to be getting better with every progression.

Jalen Hurd & Jaquiski Tartt

Jalen Hurd seemed to dominate the first half in regards to targets and usage. Jalen Hurd ended with four catches for 25 yards, leading the team in receptions and targets while also having two crucial drops. It’s not a great showing from Jalen Hurd but it seems promising with him being able to be out there on the field. Tartt making his last attempt to solidifying himself as the 49ers starter, ending the game with 5 total tackles leading the team in tackles. Playing well into the third quarter Tartt looking to be playing at his usual speed, It seems that Shanahan just wanted to check to make sure Hurd and Tartt to make sure they are still able to 

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