A Few Words About The NFCCG, That Mean A Lot To Me

R (un the ball)

A (mbry must play)

M (ust have Trent W)

S (pecial Teams need to be special)

L (evi’s South will be a Sea of Red)

O (ffense must score this time)

S (amuel Sr, DeeBo, continues to be daddy to AD)

E (lite Niners D makes Stat Padford wish that he had decided not to play)

A (lmost made it to the Super Bowl that the McVay had to win, or bust)

T (eam Ramily will implode, in 2022)

S (our Rams fans jump ship)

o (wnage continues, to 7 wins in a row for the Niners)

F (aithful rewarded with a 2nd trip back to the Super Bowl, in the last 3 years, to win #6)

i (nterceptions must be limiited, by Jimmy G)

As of now that’s the way I’m leaning, but as always, I’ll do my official score prediction about an hour before kickoff, once we know exactly who will play & who won’t.


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