5 Bold Predictions That Will Surely Come True

Well, going back to last week, I hit on 1 of my 5 bold predictions. I had predicted the 49ers would only sack Kyler Murray twice, and that happened!

Last week’s predictions was a gauge on where I stand with my predictions, almost like a warmup for me.

Check out my predictions from week 1!

So, without further ado, I present my 5 bold predictions for the upcoming game against the New York Jets.


1. The 49ers will force 4 turnovers

Okay, so I predicted this against the Cardinals last week — and this didn’t happen. I can make a lot of excuses as to why it didn’t, but nonetheless, this one shouldn’t be out of reach for the team. Last week, Sam Darnold and the Jets committed two turnovers against a stingy Bills defense. Last season, Darnold threw 13 interceptions, and fumbled the ball 11 times. That is not an ideal number for your franchise savior. With an even worse WR room than last year (lost Robby Anderson) nothing should change for Darnold and the lowly Jets. The 49ers should be salivating knowing they have an incredibly favorable matchup against a team that features one of the most lack-luster offenses in the NFL. With Le’Veon Bell on IR, and Jamison Crowder (Jets WR1) out for the week, the defense should be ready to pin their ears back and force a minimum of 4 turnovers.

2. The 49ers will sack Darnold 6 times

It is a gaudy number, but hear me out. The Washington Football Team manhandled Eagles QB Carson Wentz for 8 sacks. Although at the moment, the Washington team features a phenomenal defensive line, while the Eagles’ offensive line was ravaged. Much like them, the Jets walk out one of the worst offensive lines in football. Sacked 3 times last week against the Bills, the 49ers defensive line should be prepared to attack a team that is seemingly unfit to guard this ferocious DL. Even having to deal with shifty QB Kyler Murray, the team was still able to sack him twice, as well as pressure him consistently throughout the day. Expect the DL unit to have themselves a field day, and work themselves back into the unit we saw dominate teams last season.


3. The 49ers will rush for 4 TDS

This game has all the makings of being an absolute blowout, even with the injuries the 49ers feature on offense. Nonetheless, the 49ers should be prepared to attack a suspect Jets defense that allowed 27 points to the Bills. Although the Bills capitalized off of Jets turnovers, this is the story I am expecting to read once this game ends. The 49ers must turn forced turnovers into points. This was a field that the team could’ve improved on somewhat, and must improve on this season if they want a chance to recapture the Super Bowl throne. How to do this? Pound the ball. The 49ers ran for 123 yards against the Cardinals. This is ok, but not the standard for Kyle Shanahan football. Look for the 49ers to wear down the Jets early and often with multiple motion-stretch plays and maybe some end arounds with rookie WR Brandon Aiyuk making his long-awaited debut. Turnovers should put the team in a good position to score, and I expect Shanahan to utilize his dynamic RBs in Raheem Mostert and Jerick McKinnon to their extremes.

Not a rushing touchdown, but McKinnon getting into the end zone is a great sight.

4. Nick Bosa will lead the team with 3.5 sacks

As I stated earlier, the 49ers will sack Darnold at least 6 times. That is a HUGE number by today’s standards. However, I predict Nick Bosa will lead the charge with at least 3.5 sacks. After being held sackless last week, Bosa should come into this game hungrier than ever to record everyone’s favorite stats. Even with no sacks, Bosa was pressuring Kyler Murray all afternoon. Bosa will likely be matching up against rookie Mekhi Becton, or George Fant. Both of these men are favorable matchups for the young star. I foresee the same type of game from Bosa, plus the addition of sacks. The 49ers DL feasted against pocket passing QBs, and with Sam Darnold tomorrow, they need to be ready. The team struggled against mobile QBs, and to have a guy who stands in the pocket like a statue should be easy pickings. Expect Bosa and even some other familiar faces to have themselves a solid game against the Jets.


5. Garoppolo will finish with ZERO turnovers

This might be the safest bold prediction of them all, but should still be considered risky by my standards. Garoppolo, who will showcase some questionable decision making, threw an interception last week against the Cardinals. Aside from that, he still featured some of his “Jimmy throws” that many came to see last season. The man is incredibly talented in terms of QB play, but still has a lot to learn about reading the field, going through progressions, etc. With his technical rookie year behind him (first full season as a starter) and his sophomore year ahead of him, he should be prepared to take the next step into the upper echelon of QBs. It starts by playing smart and making no mistakes. The Jets are not world beaters on defense, and Jimmy should be ready to attack this defense and take full advantage. I visualize a more aggressive Garoppolo, but also the man who needs to game manage to not give the Jets any hope of making a comeback.

Look for a more decisive and accurate Garoppolo Sunday against the Jets.

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