49ers Sign TE Jordan Reed

On Monday, August 3, the San Francisco 49ers signed former pro bowl tight end Jordan Reed to a 1-year incentive-heavy deal. Reed, who has a history of concussions with his time on the Redskins, brings athleticism to the TE positions that the 49ers desperately need.

Outside of incumbent starter George Kittle, who was rated as the 7th best player in the NFL by the players, the team lacks playmaking at the position.

They recently drafted Georgia tight end Charlie Woerner, who, along with Ross Dwelley, do not have the ceiling that Kittle does in terms of offensive playmaking. Kittle is used as an inline blocker more often than not, which takes away his ability to make plays when catching the ball, as well as dramatically effecting the offenses efficiency. Adding Jordan Reed should take the pressure off Kittle as a receiver, opening the door for him to be used as a blocker.


Reed, who last played in 2018, amassed 558 receiving yards on 54 catches, scoring 2 touchdowns along the way. He missed the 2019 season due to a concussion suffered in the preseason.

When healthy, Reed is one of the best when it comes to catching and receiving. Averaging just over 10 yards per catch throughout his career, he brings excellent YAC ability that Kyle Shanahan covets in his offensive system.

Speaking of, Shanahan and Reed were together in 2013, where he caught the ball 45 times for 499 yards and 3 touchdowns.

With this signing, the 49ers will look to expand on what was already a very potent offense. Even if injuries have plagued him for his career (primarily concussions), he still has the ability to put defenses on edge. This move may not lock them as super bowl champs, but it certainly makes the lives of Kittle and Shanahan much, much easier.

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