49ers run through the Rams

Deebo Samuel

The 49er’s offense came to play today, dominating the game on the ground and controlling the clock, completely deflating the Ram’s offense and minimizing their opportunities to make big splash plays throughout the game. It was great to have Jimmie Ward back out there balling out with two interceptions, one of which he ran back for a pick-six. This game definitely helped after watching these past six weeks. In a must-win game to keep us in the wildcard race, the team looked complete and competent on offense and defense. Not to mention, it was the first win in over a year at home in Levi’s. 

The defensive line played consistently, constantly in the backfield and in Stafford’s face the entire game. The defensive backs put together a great game; Emmanuel Moseley almost had two interceptions in addition to Jimmie’s, but couldn’t hang on to them. Along with K’Waun Williams who had a crazy catch on the outside of his thigh but was called back because of Defensive pass interference. DJ Jones is a name that should get a ton of credit for the fake field goal, making the open field tackle to stop them from gaining a first down. Demeco Ryans called a great game, putting his guys in position to make plays on the ball and putting pressure on Stafford. 

Forty-plus run attempts from Kyle Shanahan today. I repeat forty-plus runs, the rams defense could not stop the run allowing the 49ers to hold onto the ball for 40 minutes completely stalling the Ram’s offense forcing Stafford into bad decisions and forced throws resulting in incompletions and interceptions. Jimmy Garappolo made good throws, putting his receivers in a position for YAC yards. It was surprising to see Deebo run the ball so much but was definitely fun to watch. On that note, the Rams’ DB’s could not tackle Deebo Samuel, allowing him to dominate the game with yards after contact and catch. Drops didn’t seem to be as big of a problem in this game and undoubtedly were a big help for converting those third downs and keeping the ball from the Rams. The third-down conversions made in this game felt like more than the team has made so far this season. This game absolutely gave the faithful hope for the season, along with taking some pressure off of Kyle Shanahan, for now.

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