49ers day 2 picks

We start the day with a trade back details below:

49ers receive picks 48 & 121(4th round)

Raiders receive picks 43 & 229 (7th round)

An absolute genius move by the front office to move back five spots to up an additional fourth-round pick while trading away a seventh-rounder. This gives the 49ers some more depth at positions of need and opens up their draft board a ton. 

The 49ers select Aaron Banks with the 48th pick

Bay Area native, Banks is a big-bodied guard who stands at 6’6 and weighing in at 330 lbs he’s an absolute monster in the trenches. He is not your average run-of-the-mill Shanahan guard, who are typically smaller with a more agile frame. Through two seasons with Notre Dame, he only allowed 2 sacks, when looking through some tape you see him just bully defenders putting people on their backs. Banks has the capability to move between the two guard positions which is a great idea pairing him up with either tackle along with the possibility of starting day one and making an impact immediately.

Trade up to 88:

49ers receive pick 88

Rams receive picks 117 &121

The 49ers select Trey Sermon with the 88th pick

Injuries have plagued Trey Sermon’s collegiate career but he is a violent one-cut runner that fits the 49ers scheme perfectly. In four years Sermon racked up 3,432 total yards of scrimmage in his lone season with the Buckeyes he managed to garner 965 total yards. The most astounding stat line I noticed was his three-game stint to finish off the season with the Buckeyes at 112, 331, and 193. With that being said Sermon will have to battle it out with a crowded room of backs each with immense talent with each player. 

The 49ers select Ambry Thomas with the 102nd pick

Thomas opted out of the 2020 season but is an intriguing prospect for the 49ers with big upside written all over him. At 5’11 191 lbs along with a 4.37 40 time Thomas provides the 49ers with flexibility at the cornerback position with the ability to move inside at the nickel position while also potentially playing the boundary. Thomas does well in zone coverage and great job jabbing receivers at the line of scrimmage utilizing his size and speed to his advantage. I can see him learning a ton from Verrett and possibly being a starter opposite of Mosely. 

Post press conference from day 2

The major takeaway from this presser for me is the fact they traded back and still were still able to get the guy they wanted. That’s making smart decisions and creating options for a team. I really liked how they had complete confidence in each player, especially when mentioning Ambry Thomas and his decision to opt out that even though the tape was none for 2020 the tape from 2019 was extraordinary.

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