49ers Brutal Loss

Jimmy couldn’t get going then Kyle Shanahan punted 4th & 1 at the 50. It just felt like that punt killed a ton of momentum the offense had going for them. Then the defense got two interesting pass interference calls one from Mosley the other on Lenoir both seemed uncatchable. Although there was a huge surge in the final minute of the first half, firstly with Trenton Cannon having a huge kickoff return followed by a Trey Lance TD putting the score 17-7. 

Second half the offense marched down the field and took the TD, Aiyuk with a great catch showcasing his strong hands. The offense took roughly eight minutes off the clock with a single drive, I feel like that was an accomplishment in itself. Trey Sermon plows into the end zone with a shifty maneuver to sneak past savage for his first career touchdown. This was another spectacular drive that lasted for 5 minutes taking time off the clock and limiting Aaron Rodgers’ chances to make plays. The two-minute drive ends with a Juszcyk touchdown leaving 1:03 and the rest is history. *Insert Aaron Rodgers time left meme here* with 38 seconds left on the clock Rodgers makes two completions ending up on our 30-yard line and ultimately giving Crosby a chance for a 51-yard field goal to seal the win and the rest is history.

I think there are a ton of flaws that were exposed in this game. Jimmy cant continue to panic in the pocket and produce turnovers. The offense cannot continue to start slow we did this last week with the Eagles and were biting our nails the entire game because a comeback win can always happen like today. Even though our defensive backs struggle we can’t give up the deep ball and we can’t have our defense crumble in crucial moments like that. 

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